BMCE Assistance Pro

Enjoy all your travels more serenely thanks to BMCE Assistance Pro

Your business activity leads you to travel to Morocco, Algeria or Tunisia?  BMCE Assistance Pro protects you against all kinds of mishaps, wether alone or with you family

In case of death, an accident, theft or even a breakdown, and in order to support you in these unexpected moments, BMCE Bank takes care of the procedures and participates in the different costs incurred (funerals, hospitalisation, transportation, advance deposits, etc).

Thanks to this comprehensive support product, BMCE Bank holiday ally offers you a wide range of services and support 24/7 wherever you are in the aforementioned countries.

BMCE Assistance Pro is a family coverage valid for your spouse, your minor children and students up to 25 years old.

Because a mishap is particularly difficult to manage when you're traveling, your Bank has designed a comprehensive and effective assistance coverage for you.