Direct Pro

Your bank at your disposal 24/7


You want to reconcile your internet use with all of your banking operations? Direct Pro is a convenient and secure web portal which allows you to manage your bank account quickly and easily.


The online banking service Direct Pro allows you not only to check your financial status but also to carry out banking transactions at any time.


Cancel your credit card wherever you are, order your checkbooks or edit your bank statements using few clicks ... All your operations become smooth 24/7!


In addition to these basic services, there is a range of optional services, such as the online trading exchange that you may select and edit as you wish.


Easily accessible and highly secure thanks to its system of authentication keys, Direct Pro is the perfect tool for managing your accounts at every moment of your professional life.


Main of our Assistance products are now available online in line with the development of our online services : 

Assistance WorldAssistance Gold and SALAMA.


From now one, you can make an online simulation, ask for a quotation, or directly subscribe to the product of your choice for your spouse and your children. 


For more information, please contact our customer service center on 0801008100.