BMCE Savings Pro

Build up a secure capital at your convenience in accordance with both your life plans and your insurance needs.


You are a professional and wish to make your money profitable? Hypothecate our account to obtain a credit? Or grow a capital that ensures your financial prosperity in case of an accident?

The BMCE Savings Pro professional insurance is a life insurance whose amount is set, with the help of your BMCE Bank advisor, according to your needs, taking into consideration your circumstances.

Based on a minimum down payment, you are given the chance to grow your capital at your own pace. As such, you may freely choose the distribution of your investments through free payments made at your desired time, as their periodicity can be changed at any moment. Additionally, you may also redeem the capital deposited totally or partially, or even obtain an advance.


With BMCE Savings Pro, your money provides you with a long-lasting protection.