BMCE World Assistance

A comprehensive 24/7 family coverage in Morocco and abroad

Wherever you are, in Morocco or abroad, BMCE Bank is there for you in case of need thanks to its range of support services covering your healthcare costs, the repair of your vehicle, or even legal assistance services.

Guaranteed by our partner Isaaf Mondial Assistance, our product deploys a full range for the benefit of your spouse and your children who are underage or still students.

Ensuring the coverage of your hospitalisation expenses in Morocco or abroad as well as the repatriation costs in case of a serious disease or death, BMCE World Assistance is the ideal support solution not only for Moroccans having long stays in Europe, but also for indigenous Moroccans wishing to insure themselves against any health mishap or technical incidents.

Protect your family with the comprehensive solution BMCE World Assistance of BMCE Bank.