BMCE Active Retirement

Make profitable savings for your retirement with the BMCE Active Retirement plan! 

Do you know that it is never too early to look into one’s old age?

BMCE Bank makes it possible for you to make secure savings for your retirement. Thanks to a flexible savings plan, you may have the freedom to set the amount of your contribution.

In accordance with your savings plan, you are free to regulate your successive installments. Available, your money remains accessible any time in the form of advances, partial or total purchase of your savings.

With the possibility of special payments, BMCE Bank also gives you the possibility to boost your savings at any time!

Step by step, your contribution is increased and allows you to prepare a cost effective capital for your retirement. With a guaranteed minimum annual increase at a rate of 3.25%, you feed your savings and BMCE Bank parlays it safely.

Activate now the Active Retirement savings plan for a comfortable retirement.