Direct DMLT Credit

Support during a desired period for the development of your business

You have planned an investment aiming to create, equip or finance the expansion of your business?

Your BMCE Bank partner supports you during your modernization project by granting you the DMLT (Direct Medium and Long Term) Credit with multiple benefits:

  • The support amount may reach up to 70% of the total investment cost, including the working capital
  • Easily adjustable, the BMCE Bank corporate credit can be accumulated with other funding sources, such as leasing, foreign currency credit or use of an external line.
  • The repayment period may last up to 7 years for the medium term and 12 years for the long term, with the possibility of postponement ranging from 2 to 3 years
  • This Medium and Long Term Credit adapts to the specific needs of your business as well as to its size and status (SME, large company, public company or private company)


Because you have regular investment needs, BMCE Bank designed the Direct DMLT Credit.