Account in Convertible Dirhams & Foreign Currency Account



Do you have an activity or a residence abroad? You would like to benefit from an accessible account and easily dispose of your money in Morocco as well as abroad?

As a basis of your international banking relationship, the account in convertible dirhams or the foreign currency account of BMCE Bank allow you multiple secure transactions: withdrawal of banknotes in Morocco or abroad, domiciliation of your income from abroad, reception or money sending to your relatives in the currency of your choice, and according to the terms of the current regulation of the exchange Office.

You are a free to create savings in dirhams or in foreign currencies, to make them grow on an interest-bearing account, or to transfer your capital abroad, as well as the interests related to your investments made from this account.

 Choose the optimal management of your funds in foreign currencies with the account in convertible Dirhams or the foreign currency account of BMCE Bank.